The Nikon P900 is probably one of them best zooms in bridge cameras you can find. I’ve spent a lot of time reading reviews and watching YouTube videos until I decided which bridge camera is best for me. My last camera was ten years old and the fascination of first days gone. I forgot it too many times at home when going anywhere basically because camera phone was better than my old Sony DSC-H9 camera and because I know battery won’t vanish at the most important moment without having to carry it with no reason for the rest of the day.

So, I’m very proud of my last purchase 😋. Don’t expect the next lines to be a professional review. My knowledge on taking pictures is very low, but my opinion can be interesting if you are that kind of guy 🙃 who wants a good camera that takes good pictures on any situation.

What did I expect

Basically, I was looking for a bridge camera with good zoom performance and stabilization. Also, I would like to use it as video recorder to take small pieces of video on HD. One of the most annoying things from my older camera was the sound of the focus system being captured by the microphone. This forced me to use phone camera to record videos since I got a Samsung S3 a long time ago.

What I saw on reviews, but I considered not important for me

On many reviews there are 2 aspects that are considered as bad: The first one is the eye-display as it shows the same you can see on the screen display. Probably because I’m not professional at all, this was not a problem when I was doing my research. However, people really hate this. The second one is the flash holder. There’s no flash holder on this camera so you can only use the built-in flash. That was not either important for me. One of the main reasons to buy a bridge camera was to do not carry too much equipment so, even having a flash holder, I don’t think I would ever use it.

The Shipment

After so much time researching and finding the best price, the waiting time before I received the camera included some issues, but it finally arrived...on time! 😍

Almost two weeks of use

It’s almost two weeks since I received my camera and I think I have tested it in most of the possible scenarios (indoor Christmas parties, portraits, video records, landscapes, etc.) I’m fully satisfied with the results, but the most impressive feature is its zoom.

Some nuts taken using macro.
Child jumping on stairs
Montserrat mountain taken from Sant Cugat (Barcelona) with some fog on its feet
Fire guard tower very very very far away
Avenue picture taken using the model effect


Since I bought the camera I couldn’t resist to buy some basic accessories for it like replacement batteries, a tiny tripod, SD cards and filters: